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Paediatric Imaging

Visunex Medical Systems

Visunex Medical Systems is a pioneer in developing the best technology and information systems for preserving the healthy vision of all children around the world. The Visunex team is a partner to all who are connected and committed to providing quality care to the littlest of patients.

Every year there are over 130 million babies born around the world. Newborn eye screening is a critical step to ensure we’re doing everything possible to give each child a brighter future.

PanoCam Solo: An elegantly simple, compact, yet powerful solution for highly portable, wireless imaging. The PanoCam Solo system features the completely wireless, handheld IRIS™ (Independent Remote Imaging System) providing total portability that helps preserve healthy vision for patients in any location – the hospital, clinic, practice, remote locations – anywhere the baby receives care.

PanoCam LT: The PanoCam LT represents the first entry of a novel technology platform combined with unique information systems, to help preserve healthy vision for every single newborn baby. In the OR, the NICU, Nursery, Clinic or Office – anywhere the baby receives care.

PanoCam Pro: The PanoCam Pro represents the premium platform of novel technology for complete visual imaging in patients all over the world. Multiple imaging modalities ensure healthy vision for patients everywhere.

PanoCam Solo

Desktop System

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PanoCam LT

Suitcase System

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PanoCam Pro

Premium Scalable Platform

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