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M.E.D Surgical Launches UV-C Disinfection Robot into Nursing Homes Ireland.

Irelands first UV-C robot kills Coronavirus and 99% of all pathogens on hard surfaces, ensuring clean and safe environment in FirstCare Nursing Homes.     

Dublin, Ireland: M.E.D. Surgical, a medical device distributor with 20 years’ experience in decontamination solutions and technologies, has today announced the successful launch of decontamination technology into FirstCare Nursing Homes. 

The contactless, ultraviolet light (UV-C) robot is clinically proven to sterilise and disinfect all hard surfaces, eliminating viruses, bacteria and pollutants up to 6 meters in each direction.

Mary Llyod, Director of Admissions at FirstCare highlights the reasons for choosing Steripro; ‘Steripro helps provide reassurance for all residents and families that are coming into our nursing homes. It is important for them to know that the building has been decontaminated and it’s as clean as we can possibly get it to minimise and reduce the risk of infection’. The UV-C robot was first introduced in some of Dublin’s leading hospitals, which showcased ease of operation and impressive disinfection results, making the decision a ‘no brainer’ for the FirstCare Management Team. 

Steripro is operated using a tablet or smartphone and automatically detects correct disinfection time by adapting to each room, guaranteeing hospital grade decontamination of that area.

Jason Murphy, Head of Maintenance at FirstCare gave first-hand insight to the struggles they are overcoming by implementing Steripro into their manual cleaning process ‘Steripro is very efficient machine and very time efficient. You can do so many rooms within a day with it compared to previous machines we had that took too long. The Steripro is by far the leading disinfection device’.

‘Steripro is a very important product for today’s market. This will not be the last Global Pandemic. We normally have a regular Flu season, and every 2-3 years we have a new viral strain. As a result, Steripro will become a regularly utilised device to offer safe disinfection across many market segments’ said Bosco Harris, Sales Manager at M.E.D Surgical, Ireland.

Mary Llyod concludes that the introduction of Steripro within the FirstCare Nursing homes will help them ‘achieve and maintain standards; which is leading quality, safe care. It is brilliant that we can now say that all our residents are now living in a safe and clean home’.

The UV-C Disinfection Robot is currently available from M.E.D. Surgical. For more information contact Bosco Harris, Infection Prevention Sales Manager – 087 995 6693 


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