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Steris Instrument Management Service

M.E.D. Surgical had a busy period in Q4 following an educational event that saw their team travel to the UK for training in Steris (IMS) Instrument Management Service on 6th December.

M.E.D. Surgical were delighted to attend the training which was hosted by STERIS IMS in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, UK. Bosco Harris, Pamela Sheridan, Colin Daly, Barry Laheen were in attendance with Matthew Watt the Sales Director of Steris IMS. The team experienced an informative and interactive session focusing on instrument repairs and new Surgical instruments. 

Surgical Instrument RepairsThe quality of the parts in use for the Steris surgical instrument repairs in combination with 20 years' experience and strict quality protocols can effectively contribute to extending a surgical instruments life.

M.E.D. Surgical offer flexible and comprehensive repair solutions including a rapid repair service. We are dedicated to enabling patient safety and driving improvements in quality outcomes and efficiency across all our services.

Surgical Instrument Sales -Initially specialising in the manufacture of handmade tracheotomy tubes (over twenty years ago) we have gradually expanded our product lines, which we now offer our Customers. This extended range of surgical instruments is still based on the same principles of quality, durability and value which Steris founded their business on over twenty years ago


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