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M.E.D Surgical announce partnership to supply the Steripro UVC Robot in Ireland

M.E.D. Surgical are delighted to announce to be placed as representative of the Steripro UVC Robot in Ireland.

Providing Ireland with a solution to tackle Hospital Associated Infections (HAI). HAIs annually currently impact around 3.2 million people in Europe. Which in turn contribute to an additional 16 million days of hospital stays per year and causes 37,000 deaths in the EU annually.

How it works
Ultraviolet light in the germicidal wavelength which renders organisms sterile. These wavelengths are particularly damaging to cells because they are absorbed by proteins, RNA, and DNA. This is done by mercury vapor lamps that radiate about 95 % of their energy at a wavelength which allows for effective germicide. 

With this process in place, the Steripro UVC Disinfection Robot can effectively eliminate MRSA, C.Difficile, E.coli and VRE microorganisms. 

With the Steripro UVC Disinfection Robot is intended to:
• Reduce Hospital Infections by 34.2%
• Upgrade your manual cleaning process with simple, automated contactless disinfection
• Automatic detection of room size when in use for safety and accuracy
• Compatible with mobile tablets devices
• Be a versatile product through expandable height adjustment

The Steripro UVC Disinfection Robot allows for hospitals to avail of many additional benefits from its introduction but to name a few it can do the following:

• Provide a full room disinfection from 5 – 15 minutes of usage
• Require no consumables after purchase
• Provide automatic Room size detection from initial use
• No Internet connection required.
• Easy and safe use technology

For more information please see following video

We currently have units of the Steripro UVC Disinfection Robot in stock with more coming on order soon. 

For booking please contact 


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