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RCSI Charter Day

M.E.D. Surgical are excited to be exhibiting at the upcoming RSCI Charter day on Friday Feb 8th. Stop by and visit our stand and our experts would be delighted to answer any of your questions.  On the day we will be featuring some samples of our portfolio such as:

Telelfex Auto 5: The Weck Auto Endo5 Automatic Clip Applier provides greater confidence in secure occlusion using Weck Hem-o-lok Polymer Ligation Clips. Its innovative design keeps each clip seated in the applier jaws during application and delivers enhanced clip retention on the chosen structure.

Megadyne Zip Pencil: The ZIP Pen Smoke evacuation pencil from Megadyne allows surgeons to experience comfortable and precise electrosurgery while minimizing the hazards of inhaling surgical smoke. 

LiquiBand FIX8: A unique dual tip atraumatic device engineered for strong mesh fixation and topical wound closure in open inguinal hernia surgery. 

Microline Laparoscopic Instrument System: Providing a real solution for delivering value through high quality coupled with lower costs. It features a re-usable handpiece that may be fitted with a number of interchangeable tips. 

A.M.I Hal Rar: The new generation TRILOGY combines all the proven advantages of the HAL-RAR procedures with the flexibility of wireless technology. For patients, HAL-RAR offers a safe and gentle alternative to conventional treatment methods that provides effective relief from all the symptoms of haemorrhoids, even in the more advanced stages. Artery ligation and mucopexy of prolapsing mucosa can be carried out in one procedure under local anaesthetic, depending on the individual patient and the prevailing healthcare system. 


Zip Pen Product Information Teleflex Weck Endo 5 Clip Fix8 Brochure



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